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Interview Booking is an ongoing candidate delivery solution that will save time while attracting new candidates. Recruit Caregivers, Nurse Aides, & Home Health Aides.

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#1 Return on investment

Ranked #1 return on investment for the past two years, meaning dollar for dollar we’re the most cost effective recruitment channel.

National Footprint

We're pleased to partner with over 2,000 companies and executives nationwide. Whether your company is in an urban or rural setting, we have a solution.

Reach New Candidates

Exclusive relationships with CNA career resources and over 3,000 schools, tap into caregivers you're not reaching through traditional recruitment strategies.

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Supporting Your Team

Our interview booking service can serve as an everyday recruitment tool or just when you're in a bind. Did you know on average a recruiter needs to call 100 caregiver resumes to make 2-3 hires? And, caregivers now receive 3+ calls for work each week. We support your team to focus on the most critical parts of recruitment - interviewing, onboarding, and retention.
  • Nationally, 1 in 3 booked candidates are hired
  • Recruit Caregivers, Nurse Aides, & Home Health Aides
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Fuss-Free Recruitment

It's simple to get started with interview booking. Here's how it works.
  • Schedule your bookings online by outlining what you need, what you offer, and when you're available to interview. Get started here
  • Confirm your booking with a HealthHire Account Strategist via a brief 15-minute call. We want to ensure we know what you need before sending candidates to your door. If it's the first time we've worked together, we'll also show you how to log into your portal.
  • Get alerted when an interview is booked. Interview candidates.
  • Code the candidate with 1-click within your portal - let us know if you're planning to move forward. This empowers us to book the best candidates to meet your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions


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How many hires can I expect from this service?

On average, companies report out of every 20 booked interviews that 11 - 13 candidates show-up and 4 to 5 hires are made.

I have my own screening process - how does this work with what I do today??

If you've never worked with HealthHire in the past, you'll speak with a dedicated Account Strategist prior to the launch of your service. He/She will help craft the proper screening questions based on the request form that you complete for services. It's important to note that HealthHire does a light screen to identify candidates with the proper level of education, experience, and willingness to work at a certain pay rate or during a certain shift. Our screening process is not meant to replace your screening. Our goal is to book mlutliple candidates for you to consider, allowing you to more efficiently hire 4 to 5 candidates out of every 20 booked interviews.

Can I set-up multiple locations to receive interviews?

Yes! The minimum increment for one location is a block of 20 interviews. However, you can purchase interviews in bulk at a lower cost and allocate across multiple locations as-needed. If you'd like to speak to someone on the phone about the best approach, you can reach us at 312-366-3411.

Can I turn the service on and off?

Yes! You can use interviews as needed throughout the year. The only minimum requirement is to allow HealthHire to book 20 booked interviews at a single location. After this threshold, you can pause services, leverage at a different location, etc.

I'm not sure if a career fair or interview booking will work best - can you guide me?

Absolutely. You can speak with a Recruitment Strategist by calling 312-366-3411.